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A creative photography portfolio.

Created for exhibition and as an opportunity for the public to purchase prints,
or to purchase limited rights for the use of the digital files for commercial use or distribution.

The photography on this website is available for gallery shows and public exhibitions.
Contact me to plan and schedule a gallery show or public exhibition.

The images on this site are mostly in low-resolution 400-600 pixel quality.
The original images were captured in 4K or HD,
and they are sold in the native resolution they were captured in.

The art prints reproduce best in the size of the original canvas or smaller.

All images are the personal property of the artist.
So please contact me if you want to share them somewhere else.
In some cases, such as non-profits, I will authorize conditional approval.
In other cases, the cost is minimal.
Please respect the artistic rights of other artists,
as you would expect others to respect your own work.

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All images and content on this site are copyright owned.
Please do not duplicate or display without prior authorization.

Thank you

fernando j. llorente

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