Fisherman OmanFisherman OmanRebecca, Dressmaker - Sri LankaGaurdian Of The Temple - SaqqaraWinning Jockey And Horse Owner - UAEBoy Holding Camel for GroomingGlass Sculpture FacesTuktuk Driver - Sri LankaCamel TenderBatik Artisan - EgyptRiver Temple Monk - Sri LankaBoys At The Camel Festival - UAEMusicians At The Stage Entrance - AustinCamel Trainers And HerdersPeeling Fresh Cinnamon - Sri LankaFeeding The Goats - UAEMoonstone Polishing - Sri LankaFriends From Bahrain At The Camel FestivalCaretakers At The Statue Of Ramses - SaqqaraCamel Festival ContestantMoonstone Miner - Sri Lanka

A Portfolio of images about faces.
Faces never forgotten.
Faces communicate beyond silent images.
The faces are from all around the world.
These faces of people have names I can not always connect.
If you recognize any of the faces, contact me to remind me there are names behind the images.
The expressions.
The messages.
The spirit.